Portable JDK

Finally some good news.

I was able to run Eclipse without a JDK installed.

I always hated Java since when I started using it in my browser: annoying updates, useless processes that slow down the system and 30MB of memory occupied by an application that does nothing are too much. I actually prefer .NET over Java, mostly for its perfomance, but sometimes you have to get your hands dirty in something you do not like so here I am with my Portable JDK (and even JRE if needed).

Even if Oracle does not tell you this the JDK is fully portable and can be moved anywhere you want without breaking the system so actually if you need it just to run Eclipse you can follow this steps to use it only in that case and you can remove it from your system (which is very nice if you are a Java hater like me):

  1. Install the JDK in the classic way.
  2. Get to the directory where you installed it (such as C:Program FilesJava) and copy the subdirectory jdk1.7.0_10 in the eclipse folder.
  3. Edit eclipse.ini by adding those two lines at the very top of the file (be careful: they must be two lines):


  4. Run Eclipse and you will have a fully working development environment.
  5. Uninstall JDK

I know that a lot of people out there are lazy or do not want to put garbage in their systems so I have prepared a Portable 7Zip package that can be downloaded here.

(Removed due to probable licensing issues)

Have fun with your Eclipse and be sure to check out the source of this article (http://tgducusin.blogspot.it/2011/12/portable-eclipse-with-java-jdk-tomcat.html).


P.S: It seems that the performance is slightly increase but I cannot accure this at all


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