Mattias Cibien

developer and 3d artist

Hello, my name is Mattias and this is my personal space here on the Internet.

I live in Milan, Italy, where I work as a full-time programmer, doing mostly web backend work. I also enjoy developing in my free time as I am mostly interested in videogames and desktop applications. You can find my current personal projects in the Projects page.

I also happen to be a 3D artist in my free time, making my still renders on deviantART since I was at university. I really enjoy this activity since it brings out the artist in me, while I still study more technical bits like shading, lighiting and even the laws of physics.


I started to dig into this wonderful world since I was a kid, creating games with Game Maker. In the next years I started to delve into coding with C# and C++ and Web Technologies. Today this is both my day job and a hobby. My favourite works are definetly videogames but I also developed some Desktop, Windows Store and Windows Phone applications. Most of them (if not all) are still in the prototype phase or beta.

3D Art

In the recent years I started getting into 3D posing and rendering, therefore creating and releasing art to the public. Most of my works are female pinups even if I drifted away sometimes. I always use DAZ Studio, sometimes in combination with Reality 4 and LuxRender.

You can find my works both here and, of course, on deviantART.