In this post I am going to introduce my new series of renders that is going live in the next days (weeks maybe): Studio Shoots.

As you see, I am alive and kicking, even if I have not been posting for quite some time. I really hoped not to say this sentence anymore but, as you know, life sometimes kicks in and therefore you have to face quite a few interesting challenges.

I have been pretty quiet on deviantart since posting both Purity and Purity (Portrait), except for a test render of Olympia 6 HD which was more than a simple test. During these days I have actually spent some money on new content by DAZ3D and external vendors, but I did not had much time to test the products I bought. In fact, as you have seen on my Facebook Page I have put my hands on some (and the post embedded here does not even list them all) Genesis 3 Characters.

New library additions.

Pubblicato da Mattias Cibien Web su Mar. 16 Feb 2016

Unfortunately, with the new Generation 7, DAZ3D made quite some changes and it seems that my renders does not come out as I expect so I decided that it is time to reinvest in learning back everything.

Without further ado, I therefore announce my new render series: Studio Shoots.

Studio Shoots will feature images of girls (and maybe boys, I am still not sure) posing like in a photoshoot made in studio. For this particoular type of setting environment is mostly completely ignored so you should not expect detailed environments but plain backgrounds with very few props.

I have decided to do this primarly because I want to focus on improving skills in areas I do not have much experience including skin rendering, cloth rendering, lighting and post-process. Removing background details will actually improve render times so I can focus in tweaking the details of the main figure itself rather than focusing on having a pleasent backdrop. Unfortunately I guess that most of the renders of this series will look quite similar but this will make everything more challenging as I try to achieve some variations.

Alongside the new Generation 7 figures, I am going to use a bunch of nice products I have collected over these months including the IDG Easy Iray Studio which have a very nice neutral background and a wonderful light rig and Ultra Genesis Studio Vol 1 which almost has the same sets of features. I will also look into more interesting light setups by checking the free corner and try to follow some professional guides on how to do a photoshoot like this.

Alongside the renders I will also try to include a short blog post describing the process I followed and the difficulties I have encountered.

Hope you will like this new render series. Mattias Out.

P.S: I may also try to sneak in a Victoria 4 render maybe as I still have some nice content I'd love to use.